Personnel Services


The Benefits Administration Department is committed to serving the employees, retirees and pensioners of the Larimar Group.  Retirement Fund information or Medical Aid assistance is available through the Benefits Administration Department. The department also manages the disabilities, death benefits, funeral claims, retirements, withdrawal claims, surplus payments, housing loans,  24 hour Accident claims and COIDA payments. The Benefits Administration Department works very closely with the administrators of the various Retirement Funds, Housing Loan providers and the various Medical Aid administrators. Our aim is to provide the best service possible to the stakeholders of the Larimar Group.



To be an exceptional human resources service provider to all our stakeholders.



To provide an exceptional human resources service to all our stakeholders through proper application of company policies, procedures and applicable legislation and in compliance with internationally accepted human resources principles and practices. Creating an environment where teams of dedicated individuals characterized by their diversity of skills and background are allowed to grow to their full potential through continuous development, empowerment and recognition.



The vision of the Personnel Administration Department is to effectively manage the employee life span and to provide excellent service and accurate information to all our clients within the Larimar Group as well as our External clients in order to contribute to effective business planning and decision making.


  • To provide an accurate information service to:
  • Internal clients for decision making.
  • External clients in respect of Labour stats.
  • To maintain all personnel records related to:

a.    Employee movements.
b.    Salaries & Benefits.
c.    Conditions of employment.   

  • To develop, maintain & implement all personnel related Policies & Procedures.
  • To develop and establish internal workflow's and processes.
  • Accurate preparation and completion of all personnel related documentation, for submission to payroll, benefits and accounts departments.
  • To ensure legal compliance on all aspects of the personnel function.



The vision of the Remuneration Department is to exceed customer expectation and service delivery, by producing error free, timeous and accurate payrolls and reports to the Larimar Group, in accordance with all legislation.


  • To implement and maintain the monthly and weekly payrolls of the Larimar Group within strict deadline parameters.
  • To maintain, update and control all payroll, earnings & deduction parameters, at common and employer levels.
  • To handle all matters relating to:

            a.   PAYE
            b.   UIF
            c.   SDL

  • To develop, maintain & implement all pay roll related Policies & Procedures.
  • To ensure accurate coding and capturing of payroll transactions, and timorous payments of wages and salaries.
  • To ensure legal compliance on all aspects of the payroll function.
  • To liaise with various Bargaining Councils
  • To ensure accurate monthly reporting and payments



The vision of the Larimar Group Time and Attendance is to have a fully integrated Electronic Time and Attendance Management System for the Larimar Group with a direct export of time to Payroll, the management of Benefit and Leave Types as well as functional Access Control where required.


The mission of the Larimar Group Time and Attendance is to systematically and cost-effectively roll out the already designed and tested application to each member company of the Larimar Group feasibly in the shortest possible time span and in accordance with site specific requirements.



The Human Resources Department in partnership with the Voms & Dubigeon  Management ensures a diverse, healthy, and highly motivated workforce focused on achieving critical outcomes, through the development and administration of cost-effective and results-orientated human resource programs, policies, services and practices.


  • A diverse, highly skilled, productive, healthy and efficient workforce
  • Fair, equitable and transparent treatment of all employees
  • Highly effective supervisors, leaders and managers
  • Operational excellence in the delivery of all HR services and functions
  • Alignment of HR and Training & Development policies and processes with the Divisions (Voms & Dubigeon) needs and goals.

Develop Workplace Culture

Where people thrive, partnerships prevail and performance excels.


To support the goals and challenges of the Manufacturing Division by providing quality services;

  • In all operations with integrity, responsiveness and sensitivity
  • Accept responsibility for promoting ethical and legal conduct in personal and business practices
  • that promote a work environment that is characterised by fair treatment of employees, open communication personal accountability, trust and mutual respect.
  • Provide and promote a safe, productive and healthy working environment
  • Retain skilled employees
  • Assist line managers to execute their business objectives
  • We seek to provide solutions to workplace issues that support and optimise the operating principles of the Company
  • Establishing, administering and effectively communicating sound policies, rules and practices in compliance with all labour legislation
  • HR to act as catalyst enabling employees to contribute at optimum levels towards the success of the business/Company

Provision of high quality Human Resource services through;

  • value-added and innovative initiatives focused on enabling the Divisions to be the best in their class within the Motor Industry
  • Seek to provide cost effective solutions to workplace issues that support and optimise the operating principles of the Divisions
  • Partnering with business to realise success to promote an environment of involvement, commitment and empowerment
  • Continuously function as a high performance team through developing multi-disciplinary competencies, skills and knowledge
  • Fostering strong positive relationships with all stakeholders


  • Human Resources to provide service in support of the Manufacturing Division Companies (Voms & Dubigeon’s Vision) and to facilitate and manage change and the pursuit of excellence in all HR orientated programs while influencing positive management, workforce/union relationships.
  • Manages HR costs within the operational budget
  • Develops and ensures implementation of HR Plan, Policies and procedures to support the Manufacturing Divisions organisational values and objectives and provide management with the required infrastructure to direct, motivate, and retain skilled employees
  • Ensures awareness of and advice on statutory or regulatory requirements in the areas of compensation and benefits, recruitment and selection, training, working terms and conditions
  • Ensures pro-active employee relations and activities providing counsel and guidance to both managers and employees
  • Develops background and rationale for recommendations to senior management on HR related matters
  • Recruitment & Selection, conduct exit interviews to identify reasons for employee termination
  • Plans and conducts new employee orientation to foster positive attitude towards Company objectives
  • Assist with identification of training needs for future employee development
  • Provision of an effective and efficient HR administrative service in respect of staff movements i.e. terminations, promotions, transfers and engagement and updating and maintenance of HR statistics and records
  • Provide information with respect to Policies, working conditions, vacancies and employee benefits - assist with disability benefits, medical aid queries and claiming funeral benefits
  • WCA Claims – deals with injury on duty (COID)
  • Manage time and attendance



To provide a consistently high quality recruitment service to all companies within the Group and to ensure the best match of skills for all positions. The service offered by the recruitment department will be 'tailor-made' to address the specific needs for the various requirements, in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner.


The recruitment office ensures that the Organisation selects the most skilful and competent person from a pool of applicants. This function involves evaluation of ability and competency of potential employees in relation to what the Organisation needs. Performing this function well, ensures that the organisation will increase value consequently being on the right pathway to achieve its organisational and departmental goals and objectives