Organizational Development Department

Functions of the Selection Centre

A dedicated team of qualified Psychologists, Psychometrists as well as intern Psychometrists work closely with the Recruitment Department to identify suitable candidates by administering a variety of psychometric instruments, accredited by the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

The Selection Centre follows a scientific driver selection process to ensure that we employ drivers meeting our high standards.

Recent statistics show that for every four (4) candidates that go into the selection process, only one (1) successful and fully trained Driver will be appointed at a Depot to start working within the Operations Department.

The driver selection process is based on the Vienna Dover Test System (VTS). It was originally developed in Austria. Since its introduction to South Africa it has been widely used amongst transport companies, the mines and also for fighter pilot selection at the South Africa National Defence Force.

The Vienna Dover System is used to asses driver candidate’s decision making speed, correctness of decisions, hand-eye-foot coordination, auditory and visual discrimination, reaction speed, concentration levels, stress tolerance and stress recovery.

Driver candidates undergo a practical bus driving assessment administered by a TETA registered, qualified Diver Instructor to ensure that they will be able to master all the driving skills successfully during the training period.

MIE background screening services are used to verify the applicant’s driver’s license, Public Driver’s Permit (PrDP) and criminal records.

A mandatory pre-employment medical examination is done by a qualified Occupational Health Nurse to ensure that the candidate is physically fit to safely operate a bus.

The selection centre team administer numeracy and literacy assessments to enlist candidates that will meet the required standard for our training skills program. Lastly, conduct interviews to obtain detailed information on the candidate’s skills and overall approach to work.

Following a successful outcome of all the tests and assessments drivers will be sent for training to the Larimar Corporate Training Academy.

Functions of the Larimar Training Academy

The function of the Larimar Training Academy is to develop the skills of the current work force as well as new employees joining the company through Learnerships; Apprenticeships; Skills programmes; Bursaries and Internships.


All Instructors have gone through extensive training in Facilitation Skills and Assessor Training. Some are trained as Moderators.

New Drivers are recruited, employed and trained for a period of 6 weeks on a skills program comprising of practical; theoretical and PUTCO specific training.

Accident prone drivers undergo Remedial Training as per the Business Unit’s request.

Current drivers undergo a one week refresher programme roughly every second year.

PUTCO Driver Training - Stats (1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013)

Remedial Driver Training


Refresher Driver Training


Unemployed Learnership Driver Training


Driver Training - Skills Programs (NDDP)


Technical Training - Stats (1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013)

PUTCO / the LARIMAR GROUP are in the process of implementing an intensive training programme for our technical workforce. This includes Product Training; Apprentices; and Skills Programmes. The amount of employees trained is as follows:

Apprentices – Auto Electrician and Diesel Mechanics

Level 1

Level 2


16 (9 DM and 7 AE)

30 (24 DM and 6 AE)



Skills Programme in Automotive Repair and Maintenance – Diesel Mechanics and Auto Electricians


Product Knowledge – all trades


Health; Safety and Environmental



Our ABET classes commenced in April 2010 for levels 1 & 2. In November 2012 24 learners attempted the IEB Exams and they all passed. This initiative was specifically to upgrade the technical staff. It has been very successful to date. Learners report that “they feel empowered and proud to know that the company is investing in their development”. They have shown greater commitment towards their work and their overall morale has been positively impacted. Our intention is that after learners complete their ABET training they will attend the Technical Skills Programs in Automotive Repair and Maintenance. This is for Diesel Mechanics and Auto Electricians.

Diesel Mechanics and Auto Electricians

We conducted training in Technical Skills Programs for Diesel Mechanics and Auto Electricians, 36 staff members successfully completed the programme in March 2013. Our intention is to upskill our current workforce who are employed as operatives/assistants in the business.


We are implementing an Apprentice Program for Diesel Mechanics and Auto Electricians, this programme commenced in November 2011. We believe that it is important to give the youth of our country practical workplace exposure. We currently have 16 in Level 2 and 30 in Level 1.


We have an internal staff bursary programme available to employees who are interested in developing themselves in accordance with the company’s strategic objectives. Some of the bursaries awarded in 2012/2013 were: Transport Management; BCom General; Executive Secretary; Safety Management and BBA.

It Training Accreditation

We are proud to have been awarded IT Accreditation by MICT SETA. This is an incredible milestone that has been achieved in the history of PUTCO. We intend training learners on the National Certificate in Information Technology: End User Computing – NQF level 3. We have a fully equipped IT Training Centre at the Training Academy in Lea Glen, Roodepoort. Employees receive training in Basic PC, MS Word; Outlook; Excel and PowerPoint.

Our first IT Skills programme was completed in December 2012 and 18 staff members have obtained their statements of results from MICT SETA. They obtained credits on the following unit standards:

  • Basic Excel – ID 116937 Level 2 with 4 Credits
  • Basic Word – ID 116938 Level 1 with 4 Credits
  • Intermediate Excel – ID 116940 Level 3 with 6 Credits
  • Intermediate Word – ID 117924 Level 2 with 5 Credits

The following courses are conducted:

  • MS Excel – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced
  • MS Word – Basic, Intermediate
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Outlook

Currently, only staff members who have access to a computer or who are about to be given access to acomputer qualify to attend IT Training.

Booking procedures for day to day training

  • IT Training officer sends out a quarterly training calendar
  • The manager nominates people from his department and sends their details to Xichavo Baloyi [IT Training Officer].
  • IT Training Officer sends and email to invite all nominated people [copy of confirmation form is attached]. Replacements should be sent where candidates are not able to attend.
  • Nominated people and their managers should sign a confirmation form [To confirm attendance].

Our IT Training officer, when required, visit managers in their offices to work with them should they have challenges.

Our IT Training centre is also used to test candidates who apply for certain positions within the company to determine their computer skill.

For more information on IT Training and all related matters, kindly contact Xichavo Baloyi at 011 858 4829 or

Training Centre

The Larimar Training Academy is based in Lea Glen Roodepoort. We have a fully equipped dedicated facility for training our workforce. 3 Training buses are allocated to driver training.

We are proud to say that we have accreditation with TETA (Transport Education and Training Authority); we have secondary accreditation at MERSETA (Manufacturing and Engineering and Retail SETA) and MICT (Information Technology SETA).

We have in-house trainers who deliver high quality training courses in the field of driver; technical; ABET and IT Training. Our trainers are qualified in their various fields. In addition they are certified facilitators; assessors and moderators.

Training such as; Health; Safety and Legislation; Training and Seminars and Product knowledge are outsourced. We partner with a select group of providers to ensure that the programmes delivered are tailored to meet the demands of our workforce.

According to our Annual Training Report as at 31 March 2013, 2261 employees received training in the Larimar Group for the skills year (SETA year): 1st April 2012 to 31st March 2013.

Our Training Budget was R10.3 million.

Training Planned Annually

  • Driver Training –New Drivers; Refresher and Remedial
  • Technical Training – Artisan Product knowledge; Apprenticeships; Upgrading of Operatives and other Technical Staff
  • IT Training –Basic Computer Training; MS Outlook; MS Word; MS PowerPoint and MS Excel
  • Health; Safety and Legislative Training
  • Training & Seminars
  • Discipline Training for line managers
  • Bursaries

The above training interventions will enable us to drive organization wide skills enhancement across the board as well as improve productivity which will lead to an improved business!